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Aerial photography has always been the best method to showcase a building, business or landmark. Traditionally you'd hire a photographer to fly over in a helicopter or small plane. This was often prohibitively expensive, and many times impractical where flight rules prohibited manned aircraft from going below certain altitudes.

Unmanned radio-controlled drone (UAS/UAV) photography is revolutionizing the aerial photography business, not by replacing the traditional (there are certain shots you are only going to get from a manned aircraft), but by expanding our options.

Pro quality drones flown by FAA licensed pilots can fly safely at lower altitudes, providing affordable high resolution images and 4K HD videos at the best and most advantageous angles. Now, small and medium sized businesses can put dramatic shots and videos on their web sites to set themselves apart from the competition, without breaking the bank in the process.

Aerial real estate photos are becoming standard. Some busier brokerages are finding it economical to purchase their own drone and train an employee to obtain the required FAA commercial (Part 107) pilot license.

Television news gathering organizations are now using drones to capture images and video of breaking news stories, and sometimes those news eyes-in-the-sky are providing invaluable assistance in emergencies to police, fire, and rescue responders.

The applications for drone photography go far beyond advertising and news. Increasingly unmanned aircraft fitted with advanced technology cameras are being used to perform inspections of towers, building roofs, wind generators, power lines, farm crops and a host of other applications from search and rescue to commercial site surveys. One of the earliest usages of camera drones was by police departments doing overhead documentation of accident scenes to reduce investigation time and get traffic flowing again quicker.

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