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Photography Above and Beyond

Jim Selleck is a photograper/videographer first, in addition to being a piano technician (yes, he can tune and repair your piano), writer, movie producer, and computer technologist. His decades of experience began before high school when he was given his grandfather's antique 1915 Kodak Vest Pocket Autographic camera and his parents enabled him to set up a darkroom in the dirt-floored root cellar of their home in rural Howell, Michigan. Almost immediately embracing motion picture film, Jim produced/shot/edited his high school movies. Flash forward to year 2001: Jim opened Selleck Productions, creating professional video (as an early adopter of digital media over tape) for individual and corporate clients.

Now, Selleck Digital Imaging (and our movie production company, Rollin' Detroit Films) brings all of that past experience and pure and simple love of picture-taking into the new frontier of the 21st century, a time when every phone has a super-powered camera, leading us to imagine we can all shoot magazine-quality photos. Indeed, the quality of phone pictures can be stunning, and even pro photographers sometimes use their phones to create sellable images, but the art of photography remains in the hands and experience of those professionals.

Photo: 2007 - Selleck Productions: shooting digital video at Lovett Hall, Greenfield Village (The Henry Ford), Dearborn, Michigan. Even then, every available method was used to get the camera up to a higher vantage point. The rig pictured included many cutting-edge technology advancements, from the pro-quality Fujinon manual focus lens, back through the Sony camera body (still storing to video tape as solid-state storage was brand new and still astronomically expensive) to the hard drive storage unit docked to the back, and finally an Aspen redundant battery backup system. Below on the handles we had full camera and focus control, an LCD monitor, and the latest dual band UHF audio receiver for top quality sound. We had two identical systems like this one plus a smaller handheld Sony pro camera, enabling 3 camera shoots where appropriate. In 2008, with HD becoming a reality and technology changing ever faster, we sold that equipment and temporarily left the video production market to concentrate on still photography. Now, we are back on the cutting edge of technology, with video by Sony and still cameras and lenses by Nikon.